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2018-05-18 13:03:36

“just to play devil’s advocate…” [引用]
On American soil, you will pump up to stone walls - no clue what it means. Like this:

“just to play devil’s advocate…”

(2018-05-18 12:39:39) 下一个
First time I heard such expression, cliché, was at UC med center, with dept. Chair Mark E. Linskey, MD, , M.D. beside Bill Loudon, MD-PhD. He prefaced  it with “just to play devil’s advocate…” If plan A doesn't work out, what's your Plan B? "

I didn't know that it means for that phrase: “just to play devil’s advocate…” But, I heard that word out and loud "devil" -

I didn't say any as I didn't like superficial "smart saying" - sound you're a fortune teller, a prophecy for future. Solidly grounded inside the soil of the Bible, I refused to take the bait of being  in prophecy's traps - never opening your mouth to predict bad outcomes - you're breathing life to bad evils, as Joel Osteem warned - you had a million bad thoughts, but speak out loud.  Thank God, I held my ground against being a smart prophecy.

Stick to your plan A: Persevere to succeed. Never give up !

Well. Something new for today :-)  - psychological basis for such a habit ...

Adam GrantVerified account @AdamMGrant May 17 

When voicing dissent, don't preface it with “just to play devil’s advocate…” It signals that you don’t really believe in your argument, so we don’t need to take it seriously. Instead, try “I want to raise a perspective we haven’t considered…”

Susan Namondo Ngongi @SusanNamondo 14 hours

Useful advice - In our work and institution, we need dissenting voices, they can be a source of incredible good and progress for collective good. The lower the barriers to hear them, the better their messages and us all