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2018-06-07 13:32:39

Mystery and Enlightenment of Life 生命的奥秘和启迪 [引用]

Mystery and Enlightenment of Life


以人生代价换来的认知Cognition at the cost of lifePeter Z Pan


有人问: 怎样清理负面观点,情绪,记忆?我以为: 放下】是清除负面气场的第一步,只有放下怨屈,放下仇恨,淡泊明志,以一颗平常心面对一切,你自然会转换你自及周边的负面气场,由此你便会生活越来越阳光

Someone asked: How to clean up negative opinions, emotions, and memories? I thought that: "drop off" is the first step in clearing up the negative thoughts. The man key is to drop the grievances, drop off hatred and indifferent to the clarified of your thoughts and facing everything with a normal heart, you will naturally transform yourself and the surrounding negative atmosphere. This will make you live more and more blightness.




 Shuang Yu teacher said it well. "There are divine doctors in our body. And our human body could naturally heal itself. The real disease is not in the body; it's in our mind, our body is the display of the soul, there is always kind cure for the disease, it only depend our heart can not be open or not. Law is the magic, when the knot is open, the disease could be naturally cure. So no judgment, no analysis, no interpretation, completely believe that more conducive to the self-healing of the system, self-immune system to improve, divine, The disease could be cure since..."



 I have been keep telling my children that when you are young, to experience a little bit frustrated, it could be not a bad thing to have some twists and turns; because it was accumulation. With the accumulation of youth, we have succeeded in our success. But don't go to hell when you got older because we haven't had time to repair even you want to.


 有人说:水是长寿第一要素;睡觉是长寿第一大补;走路是长寿的最好运动;唱歌是长寿最好的娱乐。所以世上最好的长寿药为四种,即:喝水,睡眠,走路和唱歌, 而且他们全都免费。

 Some people say: Water is the first element of longevity; sleep is the first supplement for longevity; walking is the best sport for longevity; singing is the best entertainment for longevity. So the best longevity drugs in the world are four kinds, namely: drink water, sleep, walk and sing, and they are all free.



However, besides the above four flavors, we often neglect the truly free medicine that makes you longevity: it is [mood]. In fact, we have every aspect of the panacea for prevention and treatment, health and fitness, and longevity. We just don't find it, or we don't know how to activate this dazzling, miracle cure for ourselves. And [self-rescue] is precisely another medicine that makes us live longer; for if you want to help yourself, you will not be able to save you. Although life is fragile, it is sometimes tenacious. So it's still the sentence: The real secret of health is to drop off, in addition to drop off and drop off. Only whenever we able to drop off, it could make us become indifferent to clarified our thoughts and face the world with all our hearts. At that moment, you really activate and control your own panacea: [Mood].



【Mood】 This wonderful panacea is the truth that I realized with my rest of my life. When you are emotionally depressed, your own immune system is passively low-energy which switched into negative-energy. The negative energy of the small universe in your body affects the negative energy field around you, so it is natural that your body has various lesions. Conversely, when you constantly adjust your mood and constantly enrich your positive energy,by then your own small universe produces a lot of positive energy, naturally your own immune system also wakes up, and around you of the energy also changed became positively because of you. As you begin to gather positive energy, you will naturally become more and more sunny, and you will lose the hotbed of breeding. From that moment, it will be natural to prolong your life.

其实我读书不多,这些都是以生命的代价慢慢悟出的道理。。。 为此我建了一个养生群【北美中华文化全方位养生理疗堂】,目的是和更多的人分享康复自救的经验,给更多的人在绝境中生存下去的勇气;同时以此为平台,筹建【NEWAGE CANADIAN CHINESE PHYSICAL THERAPY EHABILITATION PENSION CENTER 新概念加中康复养生理疗中心】,希望更多人参与。

In fact, I don't study much. These are the truths that are gradually realized at the cost of life. To this end, I built a regimen of healthy Chinese medicine (North American Chinese culture all-round physiotherapy clinics). The purpose is to share the experience of healing and self-rescuing with more people, to give more people the courage to survive in desperation, and to use this as a platform. , to build [NEWAGE CANADIAN CHINESE PHYSICAL THERAPY EHABILITATION PENSION CENTER new concept plus rehabilitation rehabilitation physiotherapy center], I hope more people participate.

(Rewrote on June 7th 2018)